At Sardarbegian Law Offices, we are committed to helping our clients.  We never forget that the cases we bring are about real people, and have a real impact in our clients’ lives.  We have had the opportunity to represent many individuals.  These are but a few of their stories.

“Mr. Sardarbegian successfully handled my bankruptcy case.  It was a very hard time for me and Mr. Sardarbegian advised me through the entire process and I was able to smoothly restart my life after the bankruptcy process was over thanks to his help.”  -Vahan

“I have been contractor/developer for over 30 years and I was recently sued for a construction defect that allegedly started a fire in a condominium complex.  I retained Mr. Sardarbegian to defend me in that action.  I was surprised at how quickly and efficiently he was able to settle the claim for a minimal amount.  I have had other attorneys in the past and I was blown away by how diligently and effectively Mr. Sardarbegian was able to put an end to that lawsuit and my worries.” –Alex

“I was badly hurt after a car collision which was not my fault.  Mr. Sardarbegian assisted me with personal care and attention and he was able to achieve a favorable result with the insurance company of the individual who hit me.  I wholeheartedly recommend the legal services of Sardarbegian Law Offices.” -Elena’s Sister

“Sardarbegian Offices represented my case with professionalism and competence.  Mr. Sardarbegian was aggressive and diligent in his pursuit of a favorable settlement for my personal injury case.  The case was resolved in a confidential settlement with a very notable Las Vegas hotel and casino.  I am so appreciative of the excellent work done by Mr. Sardarbegian.” -Talin